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About Us

Wonderbell (12)

Our Story

Everybody has one of those “aha” moments, and on one sunny afternoon, James had his. With blades on his feet and cruising along the boardwalk, James’ voice was growing tired weaving in and out of the crowd, asking kindly to make room for him to cruise on by. Bikes had an easier time with their bells ringing from the distance. And there it was, the idea for My Wonderbell was born.

Meet the Wonder Team

It's a wonder how we get any work done around here, you know, because of how cool our team is. But we will let you take a gander.

James Farr

Founder & Inventor

You can catch James enjoying life along the beach when he is not busy spreading the word and good vibes of My Wonderbell.


Vice President of Barks

Chocolate is learning how navigate through the sand with his little paws and working on his bark when not making a mess at the shop.

In Retail?

Are you in retail? Do you know a place that should be selling My Wonderbells? Give us a jingle!